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Lip Blushing or Lip dermomicropigmentation is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that implants colour into the lips, making them seem more voluminous and revitalized as collagen and elastin levels rise. This procedure is ideal for anybody who wants to add color to their lips, whether they have pale lips, hyperpigmentation, or want a more defined, symmetrical pout with natural-looking results! Depending on your lifestyle and skin type, this treatment might last up to three years.

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To help reduce discomfort, Natalie’s Skin Solutions applies an anesthetic cream prior to the treatment, which typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes. Clients frequently experience minimal swelling and redness in the area, and excellent results can be seen shortly after procedure.

How Long Does a Lip Blushing Tattoo Last

Lip micropigmentation typically lasts 8 to 24 months. Skin type, metabolism, and lifestyle/skin habits are all factors that influence lifespan. Because the original color might fade by up to 50%, after the initial healing time, we can compare your results and decide whether a touch-up is required to obtain your desired look.

We can do a touch-up after 4 to 6 weeks for lighter tones. One or two more touch-ups are advised for more intensified tones, while always respecting the healing state of the lip tissue.

We utilize the greatest and most modern materials and equipment to extend the life of your lip color. We accelerate the healing process immediately following the treatment by using a low-intensity laser and high-quality skin-hydrating solutions. 

Is Cosmetic Tattooing and Lip Blushing Safe?

Be aware that there is a danger of infection or adverse response with any type of tattooing. Lip blushing tattoos are far less intrusive than standard tattoos and need no downtime. The majority of lip micropigmentation adverse effects are small, such as slight swelling shortly following the treatment. 

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Schedule your complimentary consultation at one of our convenient locations in Fort Myers or Naples, Florida or call us at (239) 936-7546 today!

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Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation at One of Our Convenient Locations in Fort Myers or Naples Today!