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RF Cautery

RF Cautery is a safe, non-invasive treatment that permanently removes unsightly skin growths from your face and body in just one session! This treatment involves a cauterization machine that has been successfully used for over 30 years by skin care professionals delivering superior results. RF Cautery effectively treats a wide range of minor and superficial skin irregularities such as skin tags,telangiectasias (small dilated blood vessels near skin surface, common on the face and around nose, cheeks, and chin), keratosis,cherry angiomas, fibromas, warts, and flat age spots.  Treatment recommendation depends on area treated and skin condition.CryoSkin also available.


$50.00 and up, depending on size of treatment area.

Patient's Testimonials

  • I have been an appreciative client of Natalie’s Skin Solutions for the last five years, and I have confidently referred family and friends here as well. Natalie has helped me improve the condition of my skin with personalized treatments and the highest quality products appropriate for my skin. Natalie is very knowledgable, personable, caring and truly passionate about skin care. Natalie and the other talented aestheticians make sure their recommendations for a home care regimen are well understood to achieve the best results. Natalie stays ahead of the curve learning about new treatments and technology. Besides doing skin care really well, it’s a fun, comfortable, happy place to be! I always feel a warm welcome from all of the ladies and enjoy being there.

    Hope all is well….see you soon!